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Some may wonder why this tutorial discusses the configuring of extracting to WAV files (no compression) as this is EAC's default and is preconfigured. Well, the reason is that when you've used a compressor for a long time and then some day need to extract to WAV again, some people might have forgotten the original settings. So here they are.

From The EAC menu select Compression Options... or press F11. This opens the Compression options window in which you can configure EAC to use compression.

Before we choose and configure the actual compressor a few general options are left to set in the Compression options. Select the Offset tab.

Make sure Use external program for compression is disabled on the External Compression tab. Otherwise you are not able to select the WAV codec. Then on the Waveform tab select Internal WAV Routines from the Wave format drop down box. This sets EAC to WAV output. If everything goes right the Sample format dropdown box should display 44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo. The Do not write WAV header to file checkbox should be unchecked and the other options greyed out. See the screenshot on the left for the correct configuration.

When you are sure the settings match click the OK button. EAC is now configured to extract to uncompressed WAV files. See Extracting Tracks To Your Harddisk for more information about this.