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EAC can be downloaded from . Make sure you get the latest version.  At the time of writing that is EAC 0.9 prebeta 11. A direct link to the program - . Note that this tutorial isn't updated since EAC 0.9 prebeta 9 (yeah, shame on me).


You only need WinZIP or similar to extract the files in the downloaded zip file to a folder on your harddisk. For example C:\EAC . To make it more practical you can create a shortcut from Eac.exe to your start menu.


Below a screenshot of Exact Audio Copy's main window with all descriptions of all major components. Don't worry if you don't understand what certain items are for. Everything will be explained further into detail in this tutorial. This image is just for reference so you know when for example the term Position Bar is used in the tutorial that the slider on top of the EAC window is meant.