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If you want to extract tracks to your harddisk it is more practical to use the track names for the file names instead of standard track names Exact Audio Copy uses. If you have configured CDDB support in EAC this is done automatically for you.

Automatically get CD Information from CDDB

By default EAC names all tracks Track01, Track02, Track03,... in ascending order. If you selected On unknown CDs - automatically access online CDDB database Exact Audio Copy should immediately look up the CD in the CDDB database.

Get CD Information From CDDB

If you disabled automatically access online CDDB database you'll have to request the CD information manually. This can be done by either selecting Database -> Get CD Information From -> Remote CDDB from the menu, pressing Alt+G or by clicking the Get CD Information From CDDB button on the EAC toolbar.

If the CDDB settings are correct EAC will now lookup the CD in the online CD database. This can take a few moments. Note that not every CD is included in the online CD database. If the CD was not found in the database an error message will be displayed. In this case you'll have to enter the data manually. It is also possible to submit information to the CDDB. This is especially handy if you have a CD that is not found in the database and of which you have to enter the data by hand. You can save other people typing work by submitting the CD information. More on that later.

If the CD is found EAC should automatically fill in the track titles, album title and artist name:

Note that all CDDB information is submitted by users of programs that connect to the CDDB database. That means that the data may contain typos (typing errors). Thus check the names first, some people really can't type right.

Also so-called various artists CDs require specific track title construction. Instead of just entering the track title you also have to include the artist name in the track title information. The construction is

Track Artist / Track Title

It is important that you use this slash ('/') to separate the artist from the song title. Also, on the left of the slash should be the artist and on the right the song title. See the example screenshot below:

Of many various artists CDs, the CD information retrieved from the CDDB does not follow the CDDB rules because the submitter of the information did not know about this. You'll often find the track artist and song title exchanged or a '-' separator instead of a slash. You'll have to correct this first before continuing because Exact Audio Copy will interpret this wrong!

Luckily EAC comes with a few handy tools to make quick conversions of the CD information. You can reach those tools via Database -> Transform Actual CD Information.

Upper All First Characters: Makes all first characters of the track names capital. For example Procol harum / A whiter shade of pale turns in Procol Harum / A Whiter Shade Of Pale.

Transform '-' To'/' [ Artist / Title ]: Many people erroneous use the '-' separator instead of a slash. This tool turns Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale into the correct Procol Harum / A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Exchange Artist <-> Title: Another often made mistake is the exchange of artist and song title. This tool changes A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Procol Harum into Procol Harum / A Whiter Shade Of Pale.

Manually enter CD information

It is of course possible that a CD you want to extract is not in the CDDB database or maybe you just don't have Internet connection to access the online CD database on your PC. That means that you'll have to enter all CD information by hand.

First thing to do is entering the CD title and artist information. This must be done in the CD Informations dialog window which can be reached via Database -> Edit CD Information... or pressing ALT+L.

In the CD Informations window the CD title has to be entered. If the CD is a various artists CD don't forget to check the Various artists checkbox. Otherwise enter the CD artist in the appropriate text field. The other information like Year of release is optional and usually not needed.

Click the OK button to save the CD Information and return to Exact Audio Copy's main screen.

All left to do now is entering the track titles. This can be done in a similar way as in Windows Explorer. Select the track you wish to rename and choose Edit -> Rename Track, press F2 or click the track with the left mouse button. Then enter the track name. Remember the Track Artist / Track Title construction in the case of a various artists CD! After entering the track title press Enter. Exact Audio Copy will automatically select the next track in the list for renaming.

The entered CD information is also stored in Exact Audio Copy's local CDDB database on your harddisk. Thus the next time you insert that certain CD, EAC will immediately display the correct track names.

Submit CD information to CDDB

After manually entering the CD information you may wish to submit the CD information to the CDDB. That is of course only if you have access to the Internet and properly configured CDDB support in EAC.

Submit CD Information To CDDB

To do so, choose Database -> Submit CD Information To CDDB from the menu, press ALT+U or click the Submit CD Information To CDDB button on the toolbar. Exact Audio Copy will then submit the CD information to the online CD database so other users can benefit from it.