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Exact Audio Copy (EAC) Tutorial

Page Description
EAC & LAME Quickstart Manual EN EAC & LAME Quickstart Manual English - Get EAC and LAME up 'n running in 10 minutes
EAC & LAME Quickstart Manual NL EAC & LAME Quickstart Manual Dutch - Binnen 10 minuten aan de slag met EAC en LAME
Introduction An introduction to Exact Audio Copy explaining its advantages and drawbacks
Obtaining & Installing EAC Download and installation instructions
Configuring The EAC Options Configuring EAC for normal operation (Important)
EAC Drive Configuration Configuring your drives for performance and accuracy (Important)
Configuring CDDB Options Make EAC lookup CD Information in the online CD database
Entering CD Information Entering CD title, track title and artist information for filename creation
Extracting Tracks Extracting Tracks To Your Harddisk - Extracting tracks and analyzing the log (Important)
Configuring The Compression Configuring EAC to use a compressor
WAV: No Compression This is the default configuration without compression
MP3: LAME exe Compression with the LAME EXE external compressor (Recommended)
MP3: LAME dll Compression with the LAME DLL compressor
MP3: Fraunhofer codec Compression with the Fraunhofer codec
APE: Monkey's Audio Compression with the Monkey's Audio loss less external compressor
SHN: Shorten Compression with the Shorten loss less external compressor
Configuring Gap Detection Configuring gap and index retrieval for CUE sheets
Write Features Determining the write features of your recorder
Offsets The Truth About Offsets - An in depth article about offsets and their effects
Determining The Offsets 1 Detailed instructions for determining the read offset
Determining The Offsets 2 Detailed instructions for determining the write offset
Drive Features Database User Reported Drive Features Database - An extensive database of drive features
Help Other Users Contribute to the User Reported Drive Features Database
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Why EAC Waarom Exact Audio Copy